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Choosing Colours for your Business

When choosing colours for your business you want to create a visual harmony. You can set a tonal foundation for your design and brand by just picking simple warm, cool or monochromatic colour combinations.

Are you having trouble choosing colours for your business?

Choose a palette that has at least 1-3 primary colours and an additional 1-3 secondary colours that contrast and complement each other. BUT DON’T GO OVERBOARD: Use different tones or shades of the same colour for consistency by adjusting brightness for contrast. For example my Primary colours are blue and navy blue. My Secondary colours (that I use sparingly) are teal, lilac and orange.

Choosing a range of colours for your brand palette allows you to create some variations and highlight key elements. Even though you may not use your secondary colours very often or even at all, it’s still a great idea to have them on hand.

My first option when designing for an offset/highlight colour is teal. As it’s still in-line with my brand colours and doesn’t create too much contrast that it looks odd. Rather it compliments it. For me, I find that on social media having every post in my primary colours gets a bit boring, fast (even though I know I should be splashing my brand colours everywhere). This way, using my secondary colours allows me to create different areas of content. For example tips are teal. Facts are lilac. And my primary colours are left for more service type posts (promoting a blog or service). 

Need some inspiration and don’t know where to start?

Design Seeds is a great website “for all who love colour”. Find great harmonious, contrasting and monochromatic colour palettes to inspire choosing colours for your small business. All the hard work and thinking is done for you.

And of course, be mindful that colours provoke emotion. Do some research on how colour appeals to us emotionally. I hope that choosing colours for your business becomes a little more fun and gets you active in the design process of your brand.

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