Want to know more? Of course you do!

Here are some popular questions Clients ask when working with Designers.
If you have any further questions please feel free to reach out.

Why does Design cost so much?

I want to give you the best possible outcome for your small business. Brand Design & Marketing strategies are investments in your business. Without a well thought out, intentional and aligned brand or plan you will never connect with your ideal audience.

You are investing in your business and need to look at the value you’ll get once the Project is in action.  You are not just paying for the Deliverable Project items but much more than that.

Are you getting clients or customers through your doors with what you currently have? Do you want to increase your traffic and sales? Do you want to look more professional and trustworthy? These are key questions to think about when evaluating the Project.

I don’t have money to invest right now?

That’s ok, take everything we’ve talked about and come back to me when you’re ready. You now have a reference of what is needed for your next big Project. Keep in mind that initial quotes are only valid for 2 weeks. Prices may or may not increase when you come back to me.

Something to keep in mind. Even though you will get that big number on your initial quote, you are not expected to pay 100% upfront. Once you’ve signed the agreement you’ll receive your deposit invoice and it’ll be due in 7-14 days (this is usually after you’ve received your initial quote 1-2 weeks prior). You then won’t have any other bills for a few weeks. You’ll receive a project schedule before the project begins (issued after the first invoice payment) regarding when other invoices will be due during the project.

Essentially the cost of the Project is spread across the Project timeframe to make it easier for you, but to keep me running along the way.

What sort of payment plans do you have?

A deposit of 50% is required prior to starting your project. The remaining balance will be made over 2 split payments or 1 bulk payment via bank deposit or PayPal (incurs a 3% fee). See Payment Terms and Conditions for more details.

If you need a single item designed you will be required to pay 100% upfront.

What if I only need Marketing Material?

Not to worry, if you already have your brand sorted, I can design any of your new marketing materials to suit your Brand identity and style, from your ideas straight to Print. If you need a custom quote for a project emailme@samthorpedesign.com or fill out the contact form on my website.  Enquire Now GO! GO! GO!

*Please be careful if you don’t have any previous branding or logos done that these are not included in single requests for marketing materials. If you wish to proceed with a piece of marketing without a strong brand the outcome may not be as good or what you expect.

How long does the Design Process take?

I pride myself on delivering work fast but each job is different. If you need to meet a deadline please let me know before we start designing so we can plan accordingly and I’ll let you know if it’s achievable.

When we start working together I will send you your Project schedule that outlines the Projects milestones and key dates on when we reach each important stage of the Project (if the project is on track). You’ll know when you can expect to hear from me and when I expect to hear from you to streamline the process and no-one is left it the dark or confused as to why you haven’t heard from me every day.

Ideal Project Times are anywhere between 2-6 weeks depending on the project and its inclusions.

Can we talk on the phone before I commit?

Yes, before calling me straight of the bat, send me a quick email regarding your project and any questions you might have. We can then line up a quick 15 minute call suitable for both our schedules to discuss.

However please note, only request a call if you are genuinely interested in working together as my time is very important to me.

OK, I'm Ready! What do I do next?

YAY! I’m super excited for you, not only because we will get the chance to work together but also because you’re taking the next big step with your business. And it’s a big one! You’ve recognised the value and potential a great brand and marketing materials can do for you.

So, let’s get cracking and email me@samthorpedesign.com. I’ll give you an initial quote and a brief run down on how everything will work so you feel prepared and ready to go. Enquire Now

Printing, Yes I can Print too!

Here are some popular questions about the printing process and how it all works.

Printing with me, how does it work?

Anything we design together can be printed through my carefully selected Printer. Everything is organised for you. You’ll receive a Print Quote for printed items for up to 3 x options suited to your Budget.

All printing invoices must be paid in full (100%) prior to sending the artwork to print. This is to make sure you are committed to the print job before it gets sent and items won’t be left in limbo because they haven’t been paid for.

How long does it take?

Printing can take anywhere between 5-14 days. FREE delivery straight to your door. Perfect, right?

Do your prices include printing?

No, unless stated otherwise with a package or in a promotion.

Do I have to print with you?

No, absolutely not!

If you wish to work with another printer than mine I can setup and design to your printer’s specifications. If you choose to work with your own printer I will not be responsible for organising or sending files to print. This will be up to you to undertake.